History of Om Sai Creche

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Surprise Visit:

Sorry ! We allow admission seekers only after confirming their authenticity. Only parents whose babies are admitted can pay surprise visit. We are open to unscheduled visits of all parents except unknown guests.

How we started:

We started 8 years back from a single baby and concentrated on the best possible care of babies, quality meals and maximum help to parents. We remained slow in taking new admissions and focused on care to our babies. We created a new space where parents required long creche working hours through genuine hands. Thousands of people queried us, hundreds applied and few got the admission. 

New approach:

By the year  2015 we felt that most of the parents who applied us online are educated, IT savvy and are comfortable with online  admission, therefore we added this in admission system. Most of non- confidential information about the Creche was uploaded on the website and parents were given choice to apply online. The information given by parents was kept confidential and applications were considered when vacancy arise. The approach was liked by middle and top level managers of emerging India. This never hampered application requests to us.

How we care:

Most of visitors are anxious to visit the creche first before they apply for admission. We made admission process such that only those who are willing to go through our online admission process are given access. Thus it became a tool of crowd management for us. Some parents tried to visit first and they were refused. Whenever we are able to give admission to baby we issue appointment and call parents for a free interaction. Parents get a inside view of how we care.

Caretaker ratio:

Every parent is concerned about the Caretaker ratio. However you will be surprised to know that ill-experienced caretaker equals to zero care. It is better to have adequate experienced caretakers than having a army of ladies. Many parents who employ 24 hours house maids feel that they will be better cared if caretaker ratio is 1:1. This theory may sometimes hamper the social growth of the Baby. Employing caretakers never remained a problem for the creche. The reason why could we do this is was that parents cooperated us whenever we raised fee; which made us to pay above market price for our caretakers. We purchased more working hours from caretakers than usually expected. 

Are you a mom:

If you a mom you can understand us. How difficult is for you when your baby is taking a nap or taking feed and some stranger knocks. This will make your infant uncomfortable; and safety of mom and baby is compromised. Here lies the logic why we do not allow unknown admission seekers for visiting the creche.

About us

You will not get the name, photograph, contact details of persons associated with the functioning of the Creche on website. However if you are a parent looking for admission you will be happy once you meet us. Rest of the things you will be knowing at the time of visit. This website is not even a fraction of the love we shower on our babies.We love babies. What we provide to baby is all with love. Understanding the baby and depth of selfless love of mother is most difficult task. We understand emotions of a mother. We weep when tears come from mother's eyes and sad when baby is sad. To begin with try to keep yourself absolutely free of apprehensions as we are here to take care of your baby. Trust us, as most parents do and get trouble free caring of your baby. We want all parents smiling and getting satisfied with regard to care of baby is concerned. We are very simple and modest persons and have made the admission system little bit automated, tech-enabled and responsive to filter admission seeker from general website visitor. Always keeping the Lord in our heart our motive is to help moms to resume the work at earliest by assuring best possible care of Baby. We wish that our caretakers get adequate compensation and happily love all babies. We get contentment when we observe mothers working well in career, babies growing well and stronger parental bonding, with homely care of baby.

Our Priorities:
Care of babies, Safety of girls, Superior quality of easily digestible meal, motherly love, Physical and psychological development, emotional bonding, homely environment. The admission of baby is taken at age when it can adjust fast and there is little stress to baby.

Authentic Parents:
Looking into safety of our babies Level of documentation for new parents seeking admission have been made strict so you will find authentic verified environment.

Trust us:
We collect minimal information so that we can ensure that our and your baby is safe. We happily remove all parent's doubt before admission and make sure that even after taking admission parents feel proud and praise the objectives of our admission process.

The creche is located in a multistory building in Delhi with simple interiors. Cutting the location barriers babies from different locations of Delhi, Noida, NCR attend us. 

Branches of Om Sai Creche: 

OM SAI CRECHE has no branches. We are located at B4, Paryatan Vihar, Vasundhara Enclave, Delhi-110096. Parents are advised to be careful while selecting the daycare for their beloved.

As a Privacy Policy we provide only limited information data of personal information and stakeholders on social media. 



Attention: Genuine applicants may call to us only from their mobile phone).