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frequently asked questions about Om sai Creche

What is Objective of Creche?
We aim to provide genuine, safe and reliable creche facility for children  residing in Vasundhara Enclave and nearby areas of Mayur Vihar( Delhi). Those having office in Noida Sector 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 can also apply.

What area Om Sai Creche has?
Om Sai Creche a very small homely setup in Society Flat located just near Noida.

How you managed to run Om Sai Creche from a small place?
Every big concept starts from small. No matter we have small area we targeted to keep lesser babies with more caretakers, a thought always looked after by parents positively. Somehow people liked the idea and supported us.

How many caretakers are there in the Creche?
Creche is managed entirely by trusted and experienced female caretakers. Presently there are 4 caretakers in Om Sai Creche for 5 Babies.

What are the Priorities of creche?
As a baby is precious to mom, all babies are precious to us. We try to take full responsibility of working moms who have to resume the office after maternity leave ends. There are only few good facilities where infants can be taken care of well. We try to provide the infant care facility which is most difficult phase in the life of any mother. Our Priorities include Safety, Security, superior quality of meal and motherly love for overall Physical and psychological development of baby in homely environment.

What are the additional expectation which Om Sai Creche can fulfill.
Over a period of years we noticed that most of moms try to get higher studies like PhD when their Baby is adjusted in Creche. Thus once trust is developed, most moms have additional responsibility expectations. Babies open their eyes in early morning at 7.30 AM in creche premises and find their mom when they are about to sleep; they leave the creche. Baby dinner package is also sent by the Creche. On the days of holidays and other required days when mom wants to go for lecture/viva-voce/examination baby is at Creche.  

What special for care of my daughter?
We are well aware about the concerns of parents blessed with new born daughters. Parents can not trust on maid, male relatives or places with dubious record or a new place with large number of kids. Many creche centre open, mushroom and vanish within 6 months. After few months they mushroom from another place. We raise our strong voice against the persons/centre which resort to medicines for inducing sleep or which treat babies like physical objects. At a time when society needs to have a safe and trustworthy place for the daughters we are consistently trying to move ahead in meeting girl baby requirement and to provide them safe female lap. Time and again parents have recognized our hard work; that's why we get maximum number of admission requests in respect of girl babies. The concerns of a daughter can only be felt by a mother and we try to address all such concerns. we have years of trust, honesty and parents support which attract new parents to us.

What is strength of Creche at present?
Present Strength: 5

What is number of caretaker at present?
4. Since for most part of the day the number of babies is less than 4 we have tried that atleast 3-4 persons are there and all babies are in front of eyes at all the times. During 2013 at one moment we had 6 caretakers and 7 babies. 

How many applications you received for each vacancy?
We do not have fixed vacancy roster. Most of the babies have different day of start of service and different age at the time of admission. If we have a vacancy on 1.2.2015 and mother of baby has to join office on 28.12.14, this will be non matching to us and we would not be able to help. Every year few babies join play school and thus some vacancy is expected at that moment. During year 2013 we received 100 applications and admitted 1 baby. During 2014 we received 90 applications and admitted 2 babies.  In 2015 we have received 120 applications till date. On average one parent applies us everyday. We have online system of scrutiny of admission request which gives parents flexibility of applying from anywhere. 

What is age profile of babies in Creche?
We admit at age of 3-6 months. As on 12.5.2015 the No. of Babies below 1 year was 0, No. of Babies between 1-2 year were 2 and above 2 year were 2.

Do you love babies?
While nurturing the children with motherly love, we believe that the children are the images of God and should be served like God. Over the period of years this belief has strengthened.

Should parents be theist for admission?
We expect that parents should have unshaken faith on Almighty and well prepared mentally before admitting the baby in our creche.

Who is your God
Religion and divinity is universal and personal to everybody. To us all religion gives same message of love to humanity. What we strongly believe that God is there always with each of every one of us. We advice everybody to pray God.  Links: Satya Sai, Shirdi Sai, SKRM, BSG, Vaishno Devi Mata, BAPSBAPS

Why visit of admission seeker is restricted?
For safety reasons we fully restricted the entry of unverified guests except authenticated parents. we utilized IT tools in automated shortlisting of admission requests and allowed parents to interact. This has proved a great business loss as many potential admission seekers never filled online forms. However we are affirm on our admission procedure. 

Why admission process is so complex?
Every baby at present we have is precious for us. We receive several calls daily for admission. Every caller asks for a visit. Every caller asks how many babies and how many caretakers we employ. We can not entertain each and every admission seeker. We posted all information which parents can even think on the website. We made a online system of application where parents can send their admission appointment requests round the clock. The admission process is never complex. It is just IT enabled. We have thought from the perspective of a mother of a concerned daughter when we design admission process.

Why to give my personal information?

All information collected from parents is essentially required for considering admission. We do not share any information collected in online form with any third party.

What is the profile of parents of baby who come to Om Sai Creche?

Working profile of parents which took our services ranged from VP, GM, AVP, Managers and Entrepreneurs. Qualification wise parents are Graduate /Post Graduate of Top tanking Indian universities having National and international experience. The companies in which parent work are ranging from Telecom, banking, IT, Education. We do not share other details of past/present parents with any prospective admission seeker.

How you manage small babies so well with varied requirement?
We love babies and try to serve as much as possible. Babies understand the language of love, emotion and motherly touch. All babies call me mumma.... and are free to express their love towards me. We tried that we admit least number of infant at one time. 

How many babies you ideally keep?

We tried to limit the number upto ten. During FY 2014-15 average number of babies remained 6. This is not the objective limit or criteria fixed. Due to different timings of parents we were able to accommodate request of more parents than we had thought. In 2009 we admitted a 3 month baby and refused admission for 4 other such parents. In 2013 we admitted 2 infants of 6 months together. In 2014 we admitted 2 infants. Admission of 2 babies was cancelled/withdrawn. 

From which place you belong and about your schooling?
I am from Hindi speaking god fearing family from Delhi and educated upto MA, BEd. I have experience of more than 8 years. I can prepare all types of meals for the babies. I have no hesitation in cooking meals for a baby at smaller interval as well. I do not think of cost when the quality of meal is concerned.

What babies can learn in the Creche.
We speak Hindi at home and try to impart social and behavioral skills to babies. Since we are not having any Play School set up the schooling requirement is met by the respective play schools/schools. We do not have play school facility.

How do you arrange meals for the babies.
I myself prepare meal for babies. We give special attention that all material used is of best quality. Our meal cost most of the times exceeds the amount taken under this head.

Can parents send the meals with baby?
Yes. We never mind if parents send the variety of freshly cooked meal, uncut fruits, polypack or powdered milk, supplements etc in adequate quantity. 

Why visits are not allowed on working days?
We have made security and safety of the place our top most priority. Allowing general admission seeker visitors to interact with our babies makes us more vulnerable to security risk. We are not sure about the credentials of the random unverified visitors who keep on pouring daily. Therefore we do not allow visitor on working days and have introduced online system of granting visit appointments. This has never been difficult for the genuine parents and babies. Most of the babies we have admitted after online submission of application.

What are the timings of Creche?
Creche Day Timings are from 7.00 AM - 6.00 PM and Night timings are from 6.00 PM- 8.30 PM. At present we are not admitting any baby requiring service after 10 PM.  National Holiday as per Govt/Bank calenders may be applicable.

How much time baby takes to adjust?
Adjustment of baby takes 15-30 days and is dependent on several factors such as health of baby, feeding habbits, Birth weight, time devoted by parents and travel time.

Do you allow Free trial?
We do not allow Free trial. We have a mechanism in which we love babies, give more time to new baby, pray God to help us and baby is adjusted. Creche service of Babies is started after admission documentation and deposit of full Fee.

Why should one trust Om Sai Creche?
We are running Om Sai Creche under blessings and shelter of God. Nobody is perfect except the God (Divine); and we continuously try to improve ourselves. Since many years consistently we are providing creche service to parents following various religion/ different languages. We believe that compassion, love and devotion are road to Divine. This has resulted in parents supporting our cause and several others applying for admission. Since we take admission only in a age bracket there is qualitative improvement in adjustment index and social adjustment amongst the babies.

Do you have facility of Tamil, Telugu, Malyalam and kannada creche?
No. We speak Hindi. We do keep the babies of parents from diverse geographical areas of India but do not impart training in regional language. 

How many times parents made surprise visit to Creche?
We are always open for surprise visit by parents whose children are inside the creche.(In 2011 parents made 126 surprise visits. In 2012 surprise visit were 256, in 2013- 129, In 2014- 118, In 2015-65).  Surprise Visit mean the day when any parent reaches creche suddenly, at any time before the scheduled routine timing. 

Where the creche stands in terms of International parameters for minimum area required and caretaker ratio?
The following adult/child ratios are recommended by various international standardization organizations :
0-1 year-   1:3   1-2 years - 1:5     2-3 years - 1:6    3-6 years - 1:8 Adult caretaker/child ratio of Om Sai Creche in year 2013  0-1 year-   1:2   1-2 years - 1:2  2-3 years - 1:2  The recommended areas by various international standardization organizations with regard to "adequate" space are as follows: Age of Child   :   Floor area per child       0-1 year          3.5 sq metres    1-2 years        2.8 sq metres 2-3 years        2.35 sq metres       3-6 years        2.3 sq metres Area availability per child in the Om Sai Creche
0-1 year        3.5 sq metres    1-2 years         3.8 sq metres    2-3 years         3.35 sq metres      3-6 years         4.3 sq metres

What is the Privacy Policy of Creche?
We do not share any details like name, contact number, residential address, Photo, audio, personal details of our staff, babies, visitors and clients on our website or to third party for commercial use.

What are the eligibility Criteria for admissions?
(i)  Preferred age of Baby 3 months- 6 months. The baby can remain in creche till his pre -school / school age and
(ii)  Baby should have an adaptability to new environment.  (Read Tips at last of this page, how to increase the adaptability) and
(iii) Parents should apply online for creche visit an admission and
(iv) Parents should produce valid and original Identity/ address, Date of Birth certificate, marriage Certificate and
(v) Parents should complete admission formalities within 24 hours of the admission visit given by creche;after which the next applicant will be considered  and
(vi) Maids/ other caretaker of baby should not be sent to the Creche

Answer: Generally, the longer parents can wait after an infant's birth for placement in care is best to allow time for bonding, for the umbilical cord to fully heal, feeding established and for other newborn newness on the part of both parent and child to dissipate and a routine set. Ideally, this adjustment period would be between 3-6 months. However, because many working moms have only a six-week maternity week and their families rely on their income, this is not always practical. 
In placing calls to numerous daycare facilities, the prevalent practice is that healthy and full-term infants can be accepted into a daycare program at 6 weeks of age. Many institutional-type facilities are not equipped to handle special needs for infants born prematurely or with special medical needs at this very tender age. 
If considering taking your infant to daycare at 6-8 weeks, be sure to ask a lot of questions about staff qualifications, ratio, structure of the day, and other details. It is important for parents to be comfortable and confident of their newborn's care while they are work. 
Also consider hiring an in-home provider such as a nanny or professional caregiver or taking your infant to an at-home child care provider, at least until your baby is older. 
The good news is that there are a lot of options available for parents to make informed choices and know their kid will receive quality care.  
Courtsey: http://childcare.about.com/od/evaluations/f/infantcare.htm

My baby is of 2 years. Will you give him admission.
No, admission is allowed only in age bracket of 3 months- 6 months. Presently we can not consider your request. Children of age group 2-3 year have different requirement and activity level. However you are free to make online request for appointment through admission page.

What documentation is required at the time of admission?
For the benefit of parents and to establish a communication system with parents we ask some identity and address documents alongwith the photograph of the child. We hope that parents share their latest contact no., family doctor no. and emergency number informed to the crèche. We request parents to minimise contact points of the child with outsiders. Parents are required to drop their child to the Creche either themselves or a authorised person. For school going children Van/cab driver may be asked to drop the children inside the security area.

I want admission from tomorrow and want to visit creche today.
We do not have arrangements/vacancy/provisions for immediate and walk-in admission. Admission is a sacrosanct defined and established tested process for us. For admission you have to first submit a online request. Parents can not visit our creche without appointment. For safety and uninterrupted care of small children we allow visitor appointment only when children leave the place; on working days after 9.00 PM and on holidays, that too subject to authenticity of information provided by parents, availability of appointment and vacancy.

I want to see the creche only for 2 minutes can I come?
Sorry. We do not have any such provision except the appointment for deserving parents scheduled as above.

Why your admission formalities are so complex. Are you egoistic ?
We aim towards safety and care of the children. For that we have system of controlled access and allowing only limited number of applicants. For educated working class and professionals our system ensures lesser disturbance for their baby at creche. Limited access also keeps business offers/unwanted visitors away. However the parents who want admission of their child in creche are allowed limited access subject to appointment and vacancy. This translates in less business.

Will you keep my baby from 7 AM to 11 PM.
Sorry, presently we can not accommodate the child.

Do you provide play group/play school facility also?
Sorry, presently we do not have play arrangement since we are having group of children between 3 months-2 years.

My child has started going school. Will you pick him from the school/Bus dropping point.
Sorry, Due to safety and Manpower reasons presently we are taking admission of only those children whose parents(or their transport agency) can themselves pick and drop to/from creche. parents are advised to use good quality baby Car Seat.

Do you provide any assistance in getting MCD Birth certificate.
Sorry, No. Please contact relevant Govt authorities/Hospital in this regard.

I am living in Sector-62.  I have gone through your website and I want to admit my child in Om Sai Creche but due to distance I am not able to do it. Do you have any other branch in Noida/ Can you recommend a good creche in noida. Will you provide 
Sorry, we do not have any other branch. We do not recommend for any creche . We advise to search in your area/search website/friends/colleagues for locating nearby creche. 

My baby is one year old and I live in Malviya Nagar and want to visit your creche tomorrow.
Our creche in located in Vasundhara Enclave and appx 20 kms from Malviya Nagar and it is practically not possible to pick/drop child from such a great distance. So we request you to look for a creche near your office/residence.

Should I wait for admission?
Only those parents who have completed the admission process may wait. Other parents who have not been given any appointment within 15 days of filling online appointment are requested to make alternate arrangements.
We receive a large number of requests for admission from Delhi, Noida and nearby. Most of the times we have to apologize parents for seats being full at that time. In some applications where we found the vacancy but the date of start of service is already over and parents have already made some alternate arrangements for keeping their baby themselves by extending leave or with grandparents, maids or other day care centres. If any of the parent who has applied online for taking our service from a particular date which has already expired, and wants to be re-considered admission(for future anticipated vacancies ), he/she may contact us specifically giving the details/ submit the online request again with revised dates. It is reiterated that admission will be offered only if any seat is vacant and we can accommodate the child. Assessment of vacancy is Creche is purely subjective and prerogative of the Creche manager so that the babies can be cared well.

How admission appointments are given?
Only those who fill correct and complete information in online form are considered for appointments. We fix appointments looking into the vacancy for that age group of children, requirements (time schedule & facilities) of parents and other information as indicated in the online form. 

What happens if 2 parents seek admission for one vacancy?
The admission after the appointments are ordered chronologically who submit the form first is considered first. When two different parents attend the appointment on same day for admission of their child and both of them seeking admission, the admission is given to those who complete admission formalities first; within 24 hours of the respective appointment.

I will join my company after 4 months, should i apply for registration now?
Yes. Apply for online appointment and complete admission formalities.

How can I find a branch of Om Sai Creche near our sector of Noida or Ghaziabad?
Om Sai Creche, Vasundhara Enclave has no branch in Delhi, Noida or nearby. Since the name of Sai is divine name, and commonly used by devotees to start their respective business, parents are requested to verify the genuineness of the caretakers.

Do Om Sai Creche provides nanny or maids for home care?

Can Om Sai Creche suggest a creche or Day Care near my home ?
We advises parents to look the address and contact no. of nearby creche on website.

I want to keep my child for 15 days only, what will be the fee ?
For short term duration manpower can not be arranged and adaptability and adjustment of babies is difficult which requires minimum 30 days, therefore admission is given for annual basis.Admission Fee deposited after admission is non refundable.

My child goes to play school, has he a chance of admission in Om Sai Creche ?
It would be difficult to accommodate a baby at this age.

What are the strength of Om Sai Creche ?
Love and care of children, fresh meals with motherly touch.

What are the weakness of Om Sai Creche ?
Tight appointment schedule, low percentage of acceptance, restricted admission age, limited area of operation, admission rules, Limited infrastructure, simplicity at work and being more concern about the child, than guest's hospitality.

How can I reach to Om Sai Creche from Mayur Vihar Phase I.
First take appointment from the creche through online mode. Once you get a communication confirming date and time of appointment, drive towards Dharamshila Hospital, Delhi. The creche is in a small society flat located in Paryatan Vihar(B-4) Group Housing Society. You may ask Security  guard the location of Society office, the creche is just near to it.

Please tell fee for the stay 9 AM to  9 PM?
Please visit Fee page of our website. Fee is fixed by the creche after admission appointment and as such is not negotiable. The fee is calculated through software according to options indicated by parent like meal, bath, hours of stay etc.

I want to admit my Baby for 2 hours a day from 9 AM - 11 AM. The reason is baby does not take meals well. What will be fee for that ?
Sorry. We will not be able to help in the shorter duration.

What will be Fee for my 2 year baby?
We do not take admission at this age. We admit babies of smaller age group.

Why the Fee in Om Sai Creche is more than other creche?
From the beginning we tried to cater a segment which requires motherly care with best meals for extended hours. We brought fresh fruits, Desi ghee and other pure natural products & fed to babies. During odd times we stood by parents creating an inseparable bond with parents. Some times parents carried away Baby dinners packets from us.  By the same time we  tried to keep the number count as minimal as possible and avoided overcrowding. Parents trusted and paid us what we explained them the Fee which is required to run the Creche uninterrupted. Every year we assessed the Fee; the rationale of revision and affordability of working parents . Fee was revised whenever found necessary to meetup the rising costs. By God's grace we got most of parents stood by us whenever we had revised Fee.

Whether there is any admission fee while taking admission in Creche?
Yes. The admission Fee is there which is not refundable. 

Whether admission fee is refunded if after a period of 2 months I want to change Creche?

Whether charges of diet are included in the Fee?
No.  Meal is vital component for baby growth and is costed separately and parent can take an idea from fee page of website. 

Why Fee of Creche is high?
There are some reasons beyond explanation. But few reasons we can explain here are as under:
(i) We try to provider mother to Baby, not a mere caretaker. Therefore you can not compare us with the nanny/ maid.
(ii) Despite availability of sufficient area we avoid crowding.
(iii) We have high input cost towards quality care.
(iv) We have high rental component for the place.
(v)  The high amount of expenditure towards the electricity/energy bill is also a factor. 
(vi) Cost of creating and managing help-desk, admission office and online system are also important expenditure.
(vii) Market prices of eatable Fruits, vegetables etc are always known to everybody. Incorporating higher percentage of these in diet costs us.

What Om Sai Creche advises to reduce separation anxiety:

At Om Sai Creche we try to keep parent's as well as Baby's anxiety minimum. Now we will give you an insight how we do that:-

1. We request parents to be positive: Creche is first ladder to formal education. Don't have anxiety. Its almost sure that your child will gain from the creche since he will start group learning.

2. Talk to your child about spend more time with him: We try to spend more time with Baby. We let him free to speak to us without any hesitation. We also requests parents to spend more time with their Baby on holidays.

3. Allowing creche to pay a home visit: We plan to meet the prospective children in the parent's home before they start coming to creche so that to reduce children anxiety. These visit will be paid visits. For details please see Fee page.

4. Visit your child to Creche with parents : After a vacancy is identified we call parents to the creche. These visits are generally free visit subject to confirmed appointment.

5. We request parents to List out Baby's interest, liking, likes and dislikes, special words, preferred foods, favourite toys, routines they like to follow, etc.

6. Photo Album of Baby's parents is also required to be sent to creche.

7. Comforter/Dummy toys/Favorite blanket is also required in first month of the creche admission.

6. We advice parents to keep goodbye at the creche gate as brief as possible. You should tell your child that you are leaving, give them a kiss and then leave; but make sure they understand that you will be coming back for them soon.Parents should not go back into the room if your child is crying.

7. Tears are normal for baby: Your child may cry every day when you drop them off, for quite some time. Or you may find that just when you thought everything was starting to fall into place your child regresses and becomes tearful about drop-off for no apparent reason. But tears are just a normal form of expression for your child and do not necessarily indicate that there's a problem you need to follow up.

8. Don't underestimate tiredness
At our creche baby plays a lot and tired. Keep his development discussing. We always give feedback to parents about the best performance of the Baby.

9. How we help in overcoming Separation Anxiety faced by the Babies:

The majority of babies suffer separation anxiety at the age of 8 months- 1 year. Babies begin to understand that you're leaving a room but are yet to grasp the certainty that you'll be coming back. 

It may also be linked to seemingly unconnected events that shake their general sense of security - the arrival of a new sibling, or some kind of stress in the family, for instance. It's a heart-rending thing to have to cope with. But a small child who kicks up a fuss about being separated from his main caregiver is just doing what's normal.

       How long separation anxiety goes on for and how intense it is probably depends on the individual child, the nature of their attachment, and the relationship with their caregiver. Some children are better at reassuring themselves and distracting themselves from the worry of separation. If they think that the world is basically an alright place then they may protest a little bit when separated, but basically they'll be able to get on with it. Others may suspect the world is a dangerous place and something awful is going to happen to them if they're separated from their carer, so naturally they'll do anything they possibly can not to be separated.

 At Om Sai Creche we aim that before the separation anxiety sets he is familiar with his new set up of home as Om Sai creche.

    At all the times we are with children to inform him what is  happening, giving them a chance to familiarize themselves with people and places.

Whether Om Sai Creche is registered under Delhi Government/Govt of India?
There are many creche/day care in Delhi and NCR area. There is no Govt registration or approval of  creche and daycare centres required in Delhi/ Noida or Gurgaon. This is under consideration of the Govt.  If you are looking for a approved or registered day care you will not find any such centre. Parents are advised to go through the credentials and performance of each centre before admission of the child in the daycare/play school.

Whether Om Sai Creche fulfils Creche standards of India?
Several independent organisations and websites have diffrents view of  ideal Creche setup. We have just tried to follow the following standards:
 This avoid overcrowding. More than 60 sq ft room for each child, Free movement and play,Chances of disease transmission are less and less chance of collision accidents

 Enough windows for free flow of fresh air,Grilled doors that let in air, Good ventilation reduces air borne disease transmission, Good ventilation reduces sweating

(c) WE HAVE ADEQUATE LIGHTING  Sunlit room ushers in a bright and happy mood and Sunlight kills bacteria and viruses, reduces flies and mosquitoes

 Much more caretaker than recommended ratio of one caretaker to three children

 A change of clothes for all children during the day, Change clothes immediately on soiling
 Change diapers when soiled,Wash children after feeding,Bathe if required, Teach older children to wash themselves, Keep the toilet clean for children at all times,Keep the floor clean,Wipe toys with wet cloth (mouthing)

Appropriate complementary foods for infants above six months, Prepared food to be heated slightly before feeding, Fresh food to be hygienically prepared, Caretakers wash hands before preparing / feeding meals, Raw fruits / vegetables to be washed well, we respect culture and tradition, Encourage feeding of older children at one time, Encourage self feeding, Avoid peanuts, grams etc that could choke a child accidentally
Unwell caretakers avoid feeding children

 Home remedies for fever, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach colic etc,we advice parents to keep a sick child at home until well. First aid for small injuries, abrasions, cuts.

 Avoid slippery floors, Avoid keeping sharp edged toys, Avoid heavy / sharp edged furniture in the play area, Prevent a child from going alone in the toilet, Keep blade, knife, scissors, nails, nuts, beads, small rubbers, pills,peanuts, grams, beans, matches, glass items, liquid medicines, kerosene, toilet-cleaning liquids, paints, etc out of reach.

 Small infants should be provided physical warmth and tenderness, Older infants should be talked to and sung to, Story telling sessions can be held Toddlers can be taught colors, names of objects, animal sounds, and rhymes etc, Pictures and flash cards can be made for older children, Dancing to music, Decorate room with colorful calendars and charts, Common games and coloring activities, Feeding together, Older children encouraged to help in taking care of infants, Children never to be scolded, threatened or beaten, Children must feel secure in the crèche.

 Regarding breastfeeding and use of expressed breast milk, Regarding avoidance of bottle-feeding, Regarding timely introduction of, and types of complementary foods, Regarding psychosocial stimulation (interaction) at home, Regarding spacing of children, Regarding accident prevention at home

 Advise parents on the use of home available and home cooked foods, Discourage use of expensive junk food snacks, Use simple toys in the crèche (made by crèche owners, parents,children), It would be a good idea to dress all crèche children in simple cotton clothes for uniformity of status