Growth of baby is daily phenomenon. Rearing a baby is always first experience for most of parents. Parents encounter one problem or other in daily activities of baby. We try to hear all problems, keep insight and solve by correcting wherever the problem is.

1. One Parent: My baby has vomited.

How Creche reacted: We checked the routine of baby. It was found that baby was given a proper and freshly prepared hygienic meal. The matter was discussed with mother in detail. It was found that immediately after picking baby from creche mother fed her. This resulted in vomiting due to overeating. On visiting doctor he advised the same that there was no repeated vomiting hence medication was not required. Parents understood the problem and it didn't happened again with that baby.

2. One Parent: My baby is not taking meal properly at home

How Creche reacted: We noticed that baby was taking full diet when he was at creche. After going to home at around 6 PM he becomes reluctant to take meal. Creche tried to give dinner pack to maintain taste for baby but it could not work. Then parents decides to try for increasing creche timings for baby upto 8 PM so that baby can take a proper dinner. Parents from their own eyes found that baby started to take sufficient quantity of diet in night as well. After going from creche baby went to bed and took a sound sleep. 

3. One parent: One cloth of My baby is lost

How Creche reacted: We noticed that despite our best efforts baby starts playing with everything when they grew in age. This resulted in misplacement of one piece of cloth. We requested all parents to check their bag and send lost items. The item was found in a day and parents were happy. Some times babies bring/take unwanted things in their bag. We return all such items as and when found to the parents.

4. One parent: My baby has not yet started speaking

How Creche reacted: All babies start speaking at different age and it is quite natural process. At the time baby was of 1.5 year age. Baby started speaking very fluently when baby attained age of 2.5 years. Now her mom says... "sara din kuch bolti rahti hai..chup hi nahi karti ..aur hame chup kar deti hai"

5. Many parents: You have increased the fee again

How Creche reacted: For most of the times during the year their were 6 babies. In Oct-Nov we analysed which parent has reduced/increased the timings timings and how the inflation has increased. After this process we calculated the fee and increase was more because of our continuous effort to keep smaller number of babies and sustainability of the creche. Most of the parents were happy with lower number of babies and fee hike.

6. One parent: I left the job what to do now and how to pay fee.
How Creche reacted: Creche is for working mothers. Try to get another job. Meanwhile you can keep the baby with you. Babies also enjoy the mom company. When you need the service you can apply again.

7. One parent: My baby has not started crawling..its time now to crawl
How Creche reacted: Growth of baby is quite independent to theoretical facts. Parents also discussed with their doctor who asked to wait and watch. Within few months baby started walking directly. She just skipped crawling . Amazing.