Only mom can understand a baby and its needs.

What we tried is to give patient hearing to moms whom we interacted and made our facilities fit in the parent's requirement domain. In general all mothers expect that their baby should gets abundant love,quality and free quantity of meal to their baby; as per the age specific requirement and 1 to 1 care. Since last many years we tried to understand the feelings and expectations of mothers and fulfilling the requirement of baby.

The facilities which parents asked from us include

Creche and day care for infants 
Extended working hours 
Air Conditioned Premises/Environment conditioning 
Only Vegetarian Food served 
Mother Dairy Desi Ghee used in preparations where required 
Least number of holiday 
Creche for shorter duration 
Illness medication support 
Massage of infants for optimal growth 
Bath of infants 
Milk to Babies 
Bottled Milk to Babies 
Food supplement to infants 
Bottled extract of Dal/ Khichri 
Sujee Kheer/Dalia 
Changing of Diapers at every 1-2 hour 
Power backup 24x7 
Air conditioning of premises 
Frequent cleaning of premises 
Restricted entry in creche 
Training in Socialization 
Training in speaking Hindi/English alphabets/vowels 
Learning name of Fruits, body parts,rhymes at home environment 
Toilet Training 
Inculcating good habits 
Inculcating independently taking meals as prerequisite to go play school 

Dropping Time permissible
6.00 AM
7.00 AM
8.00 AM
9.00 AM
10.00 AM
11.00 AM
6.30 AM
7.30 AM
8.30 AM
9.30 AM
10.30 AM
11.30 AM

Pickup time time permissible
3.30 PM
4.00 PM
4.30 PM
5.00 PM
5.45 PM
6.00 PM
6.50 PM
7.00 PM
7.15 PM
8.00 PM
8.20 PM