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Supporting Text by Creche:
Father of Baby is a MNC executive and mother is PR/Media executive. Baby joined creche at the time when she was sick and parents moved to Delhi. On first day mother visited creche without appointment and refused entry. Later she came with appointment. It took 10 days to accommodate baby. There was observable improvement in the diet and health of Baby. Now parents  are happy on many counts...Believe or not at 730 PM also baby wants to play in creche..

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(Names modified as per request)
..........My baby is going to creche since 2011. Now he has started speaking and tells me what the mamma at creche offers and how he enjoys Creche friends. He insists taking lunch and dinner at creche but skips food at my home. Many times creche mumma gives the dinner in lunch box. I also relish food with my baby. Creche prepares all food in Pure Desi Ghee. Many times the food is prepared when I am there. I am tension free and am able to concentrate on my work. I am happy....gr8 ...........
(Sukanya, Vivek Vihar)

(Names modified as per request)
..........I kept my baby from age 4 months till age of 13 months in Om Sai Creche. My mother came and she assured that she will take all care of baby. Although I was very happy with the creche yet, in order to save cost I acceded to the idea. In addition to my mother I employed 3 maids, one for preparing food, another for taking care of baby and third one for washing clothes and home cleaning. After period of 2 months I realized to reconsider my decision. At home despite my mother being there baby got many times injured himself. I again contacted om sai creche for admission. Thankfully I got the child admitted again and now I am happy that my baby has celebrated his 2nd birthday in the om sai creche. ...........
(Nandini, Indira Puram)
(Names modified as per request)
..........At that time my son was of 2 years age. I was doing my PG and required to do a field work of 3 months duration. I strongly needed a creche which can keep my child without compromising love,attention and care. I will not hesitate in telling that my son is very naughty and glutton. Initially Om Sai Creche did not gave us admission but on our request they considered for keeping child for 3 months. During his stay the child ws also very happy and learned a lot. Now I have completed my studies and got a good job. I am very thank ful to them.
(Sneha, Vasundhara Enclave)

..........My daughter is of 3 years age. She is our only child. Since last few days I noticed some attitudinal changes in her. She stopped eating food and became very choosy in everything, although she was not sick. One day while searching internet I saw the profile of Om Sai Creche. As a trial I admitted her in creche. Surprisingly I found her eating all foods including fruits. Besides, she has now mixes up with children of her age group easily. I own entire credit to Om Sai Creche......
(Sania, Vasundhara Enclave)

...My son if of 8 moths age. After his birth I had to leave my own established business for nearly about a year. This was huge financial loss. Besides it was difficult for me to care child in day and night as well. Child use to sleep in the day and entire night we became sleepless. I was always scared about the crèches using sleeping pills/opium and news of child kidnapping by nanny/babysitters. .......I was tense but I was having no option till I opted Om Sai Creche. The lady running creche is very caring and feeds my child at regular interval. For few days I had seen the method of child care of the creche. Unlike other crèches who keep the child very dirty and unhygienic she keeps the child neat and clean. Since most of the times child plays in creche, in night we are having sound sleep. My child has started crawling. I am happy that I have joined my business back, started earning and now I can care of my family much better...
(Manisha, Vasundhara Enclave )

My son is of 4 years age. While at home he use to fly away from food and depended only on snacks and cold drinks kept in fridge. Due to this all the times his health was deteriorating. Although a fulltime maid was there but she being uneducated failed to render desired care to my child.  After one week of my experience with the Om sai Creche I found my child more active, healthy, eating fruits and learning alphabets and poems.....
(Suman, Noida)

Parents who are seriously interested for admission and to whom creche can help in earning extra income by productive employment of mothers by care of baby during day time; are advised to apply online.